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More About Rain Chains...
Rain Chains replace the traditional downspout on a typical household gutter system.  They are a wonderful way to add a unique
decorative accent to your house, while maintaining the functionality of a traditional downspout.  With rain chains, you can
actually see the water as it clings to the chains, or funnels through the cups, as it makes its way down to the ground.  The look
and sound of the cascading water is mesmerizing.  Rain Chains have been in use in Japan for hundreds of years.  The Japanese
name for Rain Chains is Kusari Doi.  The copper variety will gain a rustic and timeless verdigris patina color as it ages.  They
are a perfect accent to any home, and they are an endless conversation piece!

How they attach...
Rain Chains are easy to install (no tools  are required, except perhaps to take down that old downspout!).  Each
chain comes with it's own attachment piece (seen below).  The copper hook provided with each rain chain simply
rests in the gutter hole, and the rain chain is hung from it.  Simple!

About Rain Chain Construction and Cautions
Rain chains are actually linked funnels with a hole (not cups). Properly designed rain chains should be funnel shaped and have a bottom hole to allow the rain to properly flow. Shallow, flat, solid bottom rain chains, rain chain loops and rain chain links should be avoided for they cause too much splatter on your home. Cup style rain chains should also be avoided for the weight of the water in the chain will pull down your gutter. 

Properly designed rain chains allow water flows around and through each funnel which has a hole on the bottom. The hole allows the water to proper flow. Each funnel disconnects from the other funnels to shorten or lengthen to exact needs. There are copper links which are either spot welded, inserted or screwed into the funnels to connect the funnels together.

Handcrafted Copper Rain Chains
Copper rain chains are the most popular and most durable chains available. Depending on your climate, copper rain chains will also age to a beautiful verdigris patina over time

Hanging hook is provided with each rain chain (Useful Installation Kit )
rain chains gutter hook

Copper Rain Chains Installed
Rain chains designed for American homes easily installs into pre-existing rain gutters.
First remove your old rain gutter downspout. Rain chains that are designed for American homes come with an expandable copper hanger. Simply squeeze the copper hanger and insert it into your existing rain gutter drain hole at a corner eave of your home or patio. Secure the bottom of the rain chain to the ground where your proper drainage is located.

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